What’s New | June 29th – July 1st

Who can believe that it’s already the end of June?! (The weather isn’t really June like so far is it? Especially on weekends). The weather this weekend, unfortunately, calls for a bit of rain (sadface). Friday will only have light rain while it will be rain on Saturday and cloudy with some showers on Sunday (Canada Day!).

Our programming this weekend will include:

  • Friday, June 29th: Chee Dack Gen Tong Society Variety Night
  • Saturday, June 30th: Yu Fung Musical Night
  • Sunday, July 1st: Happy Singing Night featuring the Lollipop Girls

We are honoured to have the Lollipop Girls perform at the night market this year. The Lollipop Girls is a signing and dancing group and will be performing at Canada Place after their energy-charged performance at the night market. So make sure you mark your calendars!

Also, a reminder that June’s monthly draw will come to a close on June 30th, so make sure enter your ballots! The draw  will be held on the stage on July 7th at 8:30 pm.

Happy Canada Day!


Weekend Recap | June 24th

This weekend was quite the rain-filled one wasn’t it? With it raining so hard on Friday and Saturday, we were rained out, but Sunday proved to be a glorious day and the crowds came out!

Fashion bloggers and costume jewellery lovers, the night market has tons of modern, Asian-inspired and sparkly pieces that will be perfect for you collection! And if you have the chance, swing by New Concept Group Asia Food for some Asian-flavoured chicken nuggets or sweet potatoes!

Accessories | New Concept Group Asia Food


Looking for some gadgets or cellphone accessories? There are several stands at the night market where you can find the cutest iPhone cases and other accessories! Also, ladies, need some undergarments? You can find a good deal for them at the night market!

Gadgets | Toys | Crowds lining up for a good deal


And if you are feeling tired from all the walking or have a lingering ache somewhere, swing by the reflexology clinic to get a foot massage! You get to customize the session to suit whatever pain or ache you may be feeling. And if you are hungry again, go grab some dim sum, skewers, squid, hurricane potato or deep fried coke! Then finish it all off with a bubble tea or some wheel cakes. Now that’s an awesome summer night.

Reflexology Clinic | Food from New Concept Group Asia Food | Crowds around Like Kitchen

What’s New | June 22nd – 24th

The weather this weekend calls for rain on Friday (booooo), light rain on Saturday (boo) and SUN on Sunday (yes!)!

This weekend, our program will be a mixture of classical Chinese music and old school Western and Chinese oldies!

  • June 22 – Night of Unforgettable Oldies
  • June 23 – Orient Express Golden Night
  • June 24 – Guangdong Opera Night

If you have never heard of Chinese opera, you should definitely come check it out! I have heard it being described as ‘soothing’ before!

As for food carts, well it’s a surprise this weekend! Come down on a sunny day and find out!

And remember to enter in our nightly and monthly draw! The monthly draw will be held on July 7th!

Weekend Recap | June 14th – June 17th

We were greeted with rainless weather on Friday and Sunday, unfortunately, we were a bit unlucky on Saturday. But, being Vancouverites, we are troopers when it comes to not so sunny weather and rain (well mostly) and the crowds still came out. Here are some pictures from the past weekend, and remember, you can also find more pictures on our Facebook site!

On Friday, we had a Chinese Opera Night (and yes, that is a live band behind the opera singers!).

Yan Min Chinese Music Association – Chinese Opera Night

Need some Chinese Lucky Charms or looking for some Chinese inspired jewellery? Come visit some of our stands at the night market! We also have a ginseng expert who is able to answer all of your ginseng questions!

Clothing | Crowds | Taiwanese Wheel Cakes | Lucky Charms | Jewellery | Whitehead Gingseng Farm | Crowds

I also got to talk to some of the vendors and one very nice gentleman, allowed me to take pictures of the things he sells! He sells these pretty outdoor hanging decorations that spin when there is a bit of the breeze – the colours are gorgeous. And you can’t forget the bug zapper to be used on those pesky mosquitoes and flies! He also made sure that I took pictures of the lanterns, which he says is perfect for the Mid-Autumn Festival (it will be on September 30th this year). The Chinese character on the lantern means ‘fortune’ and you will see this character a lot in the Chinese culture.

Decor | Bug Zappers | Lanterns | ‘Fortune’

Another vendor was also kind enough to let me take pictures of her wares.

Ethnic Jewellery | Fans | Rings


I was also able to speak to the people from TD Fashion Link – they specialize in West Coast Art on clothing and accessories and also custom orders! They can be found at TD Fashion Link.

West Coast Art on clothing and accessories by TD Fashion Link

Vendor Spotlight | Korean Crunchy Corndog

Our vendor spotlight for this week is Korean Crunchy Corndog!

Korean Crunchy Corndog’s Stand

Korean Crunchy Corndog brings to Vancouver a fare that has been popular amongst Korean’s street vendors for many years. The premise of these corndogs are the same as what you find in North American corndogs – a hotdog weiner covered in corndog batter, however, the Korean twist is that the corndogs are then covered in french fires before being deep-fried! After being deep-fried, you have your choice is sauce and seasoning powder!

What the Korean Corndogs look like!

If you get the chance, come and try these corndogs with a twist!

What’s New | June 15th – June 17th

The weather this weekend calls for sun on Friday, rain (boo) on Saturday and cloudy on Sunday.

Once again, Urban Wood Fire Pizza  will be at the night market on Saturday with their yummy pizzas! Have you ever seen a pizza being cooked in a wood oven that is in a food cart?! If you haven’t, you definitely need to come down to check it out.

Our programming for this weekend will show you what Chinese opera is all about, traditional Chinese dance and some good old Karaoke.

Also, don’t forget to enter into our nightly and monthly draw!

We will see YOU this weekend!

Weekend Recap | June 8th – June 10th

Despite the talks about rain (and some rain on Friday afternoon), the weather cleared up and mostly sunny skies greeted us over the weekend!

Look at the gorgeous blue sky!

Here are some pictures from over the weekend!

The VPD CCPC Lion Dance Team

Atomic Powerbomb up on stage

Atomic Powerbomb’s Debut Performance!

Clothing | Jewellery | Cell Phone Accessories | Toys


Pictures credit to Amy!