Weekend Recap | June 24th

This weekend was quite the rain-filled one wasn’t it? With it raining so hard on Friday and Saturday, we were rained out, but Sunday proved to be a glorious day and the crowds came out!

Fashion bloggers and costume jewellery lovers, the night market has tons of modern, Asian-inspired and sparkly pieces that will be perfect for you collection! And if you have the chance, swing by New Concept Group Asia Food for some Asian-flavoured chicken nuggets or sweet potatoes!

Accessories | New Concept Group Asia Food


Looking for some gadgets or cellphone accessories? There are several stands at the night market where you can find the cutest iPhone cases and other accessories! Also, ladies, need some undergarments? You can find a good deal for them at the night market!

Gadgets | Toys | Crowds lining up for a good deal


And if you are feeling tired from all the walking or have a lingering ache somewhere, swing by the reflexology clinic to get a foot massage! You get to customize the session to suit whatever pain or ache you may be feeling. And if you are hungry again, go grab some dim sum, skewers, squid, hurricane potato or deep fried coke! Then finish it all off with a bubble tea or some wheel cakes. Now that’s an awesome summer night.

Reflexology Clinic | Food from New Concept Group Asia Food | Crowds around Like Kitchen