Weekend Recap | July 27th – 29th

Warm and sunny evenings; cold drink in hand; yummy food in the other; cute and cool gadgets and accessories; hearing Backstreet Boys being sung on stage all equals an awesome evening no? Just take a look at the pictures:

Wheel cakes filled with nutella (custard, peanut butter or red bean) are a must for nutella lovers (who isn’t?).  And looking for a cute gift? Look at this ridiculously adorable wallet. Yes, it’s a wallet that looks like an envelope with a Hello Kitty stamp. Seriously.

Wheel Cakes | I see people! | An envelope shaped wallet!


Because eating dessert first is what all the rebels do, maybe  you can have a rice ball as your main course followed by the entertainment on the main stage. And then more shopping of course.

Fusion Sushi! | Stage Entertainment | Magnets


Accessories and Decor | The night’s entertainment


Ginseng | Handbags | Singing at the Night Market

And reminder! August 4th at 8:30 pm is the draw date for the July winner of the monthly draw!




What’s New | July 27th – 29th

Celebrate Friday by coming down to the night market to feast and enjoy Happy Signing Group up on stage! They will be singing your favourite English and Chinese oldies. And on Saturday, be prepared to be wowed by Kung Fu demonstrations from the Wushu B.C Association! And to cap off your weekend, come watch the O! Friend’s signing group perform their hearts out!

  • Friday, July 27th: Happy Signing Night
  • Saturday, July 28th: Wushu B.C. Kung Fu Night
  • Sunday, July 29th: Friend’s Signing Night


Weekend Recap | July 20th – July 22nd

Despite the not-so-great weather on Friday (I’m sure many of you have forgotten, so I will describe it in one word: Rain), many of our vendors still came out! And we were rewarded with fantastical weather on Saturday and pretty decent weather on Sunday. Did anyone challenge the representatives from the Vancouver Chinese Chess Association?

Sunglasses shopping | Stage Performances


Since we were greeted with much better weather over Saturday and Sunday, tourists and locals flocked to do some shopping and eating! Speaking of shopping, if you tend to lose your sunglasses a lot and don’t want to spend too much money on buying them, check out one of our vendors at the night market! Tons of sunglasses to choose from and at a reasonable price too!

Merchandise | Like Kitchen | Sunglasses!


Umbrellas and Accessories | Getting Ready


And checking out the entertainment of the night!

Sunglasses shopping | Stage Performances


What’s New | July 20th – 21st

If you had missed the last couple of opera demonstrations that have performed at the night market, do not despair. On Friday, the Yan Min Chinese Music Association will be holding a Chinese Opera Night; so come down on Friday if you are curious to what Chinese opera sounds like! On Saturday, our stage will be home to the Youth Talent Showdown Preliminaries – the acts that make it past the preliminaries will then go to the finals which will be held during the Chinatown Festival on August 11th and 12th. If you would like to support local young talent, make sure you show up on Saturday! Finally, on Sunday, The Star Sing Musical Society will be holding a Star Music Concert – all of your favourite oldies will be sung!

  • Friday, July 20th: Yan Min Chinese Opera Night
  • Saturday, July 21st: Youth Talent Showdown Preliminaries 2012
  • Sunday, July 22nd: Star Music Concert

In addition to our performances on the main stage, the Vancouver Chinese Chess Association will be holding  the Chinese Chess Arena Challenge Competition at the night market on July 21st. The Vancouver Chinese Chess Association was established in 1974 and its mandate is to promote Chinese Culture and Chinese Chess. Each year, the association and its members organize and participate in provincial, national and international chess tournaments. The Chinese Chess Arena Challenge Competition will have representatives accepting challengers in the game of Chinese Chess. If the challenger (you!) beats the representative, the challenger (you!) will win an awesome prize and bragging rights.

Do I hear challenge accepted?

Weekend Recap | July 13th – 15th

Once again, we were greeted with sun during the night market this past weekend!

On Friday we had the Maclean Taiji Variety Show which included singing and tai chi demonstrations.

Maclean Park Taiji Group


Is there anyone out there who love scarves? Well, we have a new vendor who has a wall of scarves for you to choose from!

Wall of scarves | Egg Puffs | Takoyaki


Accessories | Glorious weather


On Sunday, we had the pleasure of having Rod Chow, International Champion Magician, perform on our main stage!

The crowd eagerly waiting for the magic show to start


There were so many people watching the show that it was hard to see the stage!

Rod Chow up on stage with some volunteers from the audience


Next up, Rod had the Youngest Champion Magician, Nicholas Chow, and his Hollywood Young Artist Trophy Winner Assistant, Melody Choi, perform on stage.

Nicholas Chow and Melody Choi up on stage


Thank you so much for performing! It was a great show!

Great show you guys!


After the magic show, we had Atomic Powerbomb perform again!

Atomic Powerbomb up on stage!


This past weekend was awesome and we will see you again this weekend!







What’s New | July 13th – July 15th

Who is loving this awesome weather we are having right now? This weekend is going to be nothing but sun sun sun!

Our programming this weekend includes:

  • Friday, July 13th: Maclean Taiji Variety Show
  • Saturday, July 14th: Kin Fung Lion Dance Kung Fu Night
  • Sunday, July 15th: Rod Chow, International Champion Magician followed by Paradise Runway

The Maclean Variety Show will feature singing and dancing, be sure to swing by and watch some different types of Chinese dances! The Kin Fung Lion Dance Kung Fu Night will feature lion dancing and different kung fu demonstrations! Finally, we will have an International Champion Magician, Rod Chow, perform followed by the band, Paradise Runway! Read about Rod Chow in our previous post here and Paradise Runway in our previous post here

Remember to enter in our nightly and monthly draw!

Weekend Recap | July 6th – July 8th

What an awesome weekend it was wasn’t it?! I think summer has finally arrived in Vancouver!

Sammy and Mannix Performing on our Main Stage

On Friday, we had Sammy and Mannix performing some of the crowd’s favourite oldies! Some members of the audience really got into it as they started dancing!



We also had an awesome busker that performed some gravity defying tricks! Have you ever managed to balance a trunk on your head?

With the awesome weather, many of the vendors brought some of their best items out to sell!


Crowds | Bonsai and Lucky Bamboo | Shopping | Food

Summer is when many people start redecorating their homes and the night market can help you! Want to get some bonsai trees or some lucky bamboo? Or what about vases or fake flowers? Many of the stands at the night market will have what you are looking for!


Ginseng | T-shirts, Toys and Accessories

And one cannot forget about being healthy too! Head over to the Whitehead Gingseng Farm and learn about all the different types of ginseng and the health benefits for you! And if you have kids at home, head over to to our many stands that sells backpacks, wooden puzzles and t-shirts!


Plethora of Fake eyelashes

For all the beauty gurus out there, we now have a vendor selling fake eyelashes!


Crowds | Bags and Accessories | Waiting for the stage performance | Camera Lens Mug | Psychic Readings | Pillow that looks like a cushion

For the fashion bargain hunters out there, bags and scarves galore! Imagine all the possible ways to style all the items! And for those that like novelty items, how about a mug that looks exactly like camera lens? Or a pillow that that resembles an iPhone? And if you feel like getting a psychic reading done, we have that too at the night market! It’s like a one-stop shop!