What’s New | August 31st – September 2nd

Tomorrow will be the last day of August already! The summer flew by didn’t it? But at least we will have another weekend of sunny weather (albeit, not as hot as the weather that we were getting in July/early August).

This weekend’s stage performances are:

  • August 31st – Golden Song in Summer Night by Mannix Yeung
  • September 1st – ‘A-Long’ Goldies Night by A-Long Entertainment
  • September 2nd – Do Re Me Chinatown Mini Concert Dance Party by Do Re Me Talent Group

Also, September 1st will be the night of our monthly draw! So if you have 3 stamps collected for the month of August, make sure you remember to submit your ballot before 8:30 pm!

What’s New | August 24th – August 26th

The last weekend before it’s September! And this weekend, it’s all about the singing!

The entertainment at the night market for this weekend is as follows:

  • Friday, August 23rd, 2012 – Happy Singing Night hosted by Happy Singing Group
  • Saturday, August 24th, 2012 – The Percoms Golden Night hosted by Steven Yu and the Percoms
  • Sunday, August 25th, 2012 – Nancy’s Singing Night hosted by O! Friends Singing Group

And before you head home for the night, test your luck and enter in our nightly lucky draw!

Weekend Recap | August 17th – 19th

As usual, the food and merchandise stands were a hit over the weekend!

Clothing | Food

And of course, we can’t forget about our lucky draw!

Lucky Draw! | Shopping

Craving some papaya or locally grown organic blueberries? Come to the night market, and buy them fresh!

Organic Blueberries | Bubble Machines


And we can’t forget about the entertainment! Shaolin Hung Gar Kung Fu Association’s engaging performance!

Shaolin Hung Gar Kung Fu Assoication

What’s New | August 17th – 19th

Who is loving this awesome summer weather that we’ve been having so far?

For this weekend, our performances will be from the Tung Koon Benevolent Association, Shaolin Hung Gar Kung Fu Association, and the South East Asian Cultural Heritage Society. The Tung Koon Benevolent Association will be hosting a Night of Unforgettable Oldies on Friday night while the Shaolin Hung Gar Kung Fu Association will be hosting a Kung Fu night on Saturday, where they will be demonstrating the styles of Hung Gar and Wushu. Finally on Sunday, the South East Asian Cultural Heritage Society will be performing songs and dance that are unique to South East Asian cultures.

Definitely mark these events on your calendar and we will see you this weekend!

Weekend Recap | August 9th – August 12th

What another beautiful weekend! Not only was there the Chinatown Night Market, on August 11th and 12th, we also had Chinatown Festival during the day!

A beautiful day!


The crowds were also out in full force; sampling all the different foods and bargaining for deals.

Shopping and Food


Busking | Shopping




On Saturday night, it was the AM 1320 Summer Party – and the crowds arrived early to stake out the best spot possible!

AM 1320’s Summer Party


And congratulations to our Saturday night’s lucky draw winner, Mr. Szeto!

Lucky Draw!


What’s New | August 10th – 12th

This coming weekend will be nothing but sun, sun and more sun!

On our main stage, there will be songs sung and parties thrown! On Friday and Sunday, we will be having two different groups singing your favourite summer oldies! And on Saturday night, AM 1320 will be hosting their highly anticipated Summer Party! Be prepared for games, signing, dancing and prizes!

  • August 10th – Melody Voice of Summer 
  • August 11th – AM1320 Chinatown Night Market Summer Party
  • August 12th – Hakka Karaoke Night

This weekend, Chinatown will also be hosting the Chinatown Festival! The festival is held at the same location as the night market, and once 6 pm hits, the streets are transformed to the night market! So come down to Chinatown for the festival and stay for the night market!

Don’t forget to enter in our monthly and nightly draws!

Weekend Recap | August 3rd – 5th

Hottest weekend thus far? Check! Long weekend? Check!

On a very hot Saturday, it was our July monthly draw! Congratulations to our winners from the June and July draw!

June and July Monthly Draw Winners: Linda Wong and Pena Eng with Bob Sung


And of course, much thanks to all the generous merchants who donated gifts for the monthly prize!

Thank you!


The crowds also came out for Orient Express’ performance!

Orient Express on Stage!


Orient Express


Not only were there crowds watching the stage performance, a sizeable crowd also gathered around the Chinese Chess competition!

Crowds watching Orient Express | Chinese Chess Competition


Many of our vendors have also gotten new products, like this bread card holder – it smells like bread too!

Bread Card Holder | Clothes


Can’t forget about the food!



Reminder that you can still enter in August’s monthly draw, just come to the night market 3 times for the rest of this month and remember to collect 3 stamps!