What’s for lunch?

Today, feeling as if we needed a healthy kick, we had yet another one of Harvest’s salad:

spinach, pear, quinoa, oranges, sesasme dressing

Followed it up with a nice soup…

Tomato bisque soup

Just as we were feeling VERY healthy…we ruined it with this:

Chocolate cheesecake fudge

The fudge (very dense!) from Oyster Express.

…so much of eating and feeling healthy.


What’s for lunch?

This post will require you to adjust your thinking a bit.


Today’s lunch is Farmcrest organic chicken sandwich (on artisan bread), chickpea salad, and a SIP Lavender Lemon Peel soda.  All made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.  We know it sounds like a cliché, but you can indeed taste the freshness in every bite.  And the soda…lavender with a hint of lemon and not overly sweet.  Everything about this lunch has healthy written all over it times 100.

So where can you find all these deliciousness?  Downtown?  Yaletown?


To be specific, Harvest Community Foods on 243 Union Street.

Yes, this is what the new Chinatown is about; you can find old favourites AND new offerings with heavy emphasis on local producers.

So head on down to Harvest, order yourself a good lunch from their daily menu, and give the owner, Michael Leung, a hi-five (don’t forget his staff too).  They are doing something so very right and deserve a good attaboy, wouldn’t you say?

Stay tuned…a profile on Harvest coming soon! (and hopefully we can snag one of their already-famous steam buns at the same time)

Not your average chicken salad sandwich