What’s for lunch?

Today, feeling as if we needed a healthy kick, we had yet another one of Harvest’s salad:

spinach, pear, quinoa, oranges, sesasme dressing

Followed it up with a nice soup…

Tomato bisque soup

Just as we were feeling VERY healthy…we ruined it with this:

Chocolate cheesecake fudge

The fudge (very dense!) from Oyster Express.

…so much of eating and feeling healthy.


Oyster Express (OX)

The southwest corner of Keefer and Gore had been vacant for quite a while now, which is a shame since it’s a bit of a landmark storefront with noticeably large, round windows.  Lately though, locals were fascinated by all the constructions going on inside; what’s happening?  Who’s moving in?  What kind of business will it be?

Don’t worry – signage coming soon

Today, we found out just who the new kid on the block at Keefer and Gore is: Oyster Express.

What a (nice) shock it was to open the heavy main doors and walk right into a room almost completely covered with wood, and exudes a welcoming blend of warmth, friendliness and energy.  We found owner Shawn Chesney behind the counter, with two lady assistants.  They just opened yesterday and it’s a “soft” opening, with them still putting finishing touches on the menu and general operations.  Nevertheless, locals are trickling in and snatching up what they have now to offer.

Right now there are coffee, tea, dessert, and of course, fresh oysters.

The round windows – they are still here!

Shawn is formerly of Rodney’s Oyster House, and rest assured he knows his stuff.  Our resident oyster connoisseur gave a big thumbs-up for her order of 2 Oysters of the Day, at $1.50 each.  Shawn speaks enthusiastically of the neighbourhood and his commitment to sourcing local ingredients, and the love and care that went into this place can be seen anywhere you look.

So, chowhounds, here’s what you can find now in Chinatown: old favourite Chinese restaurants and diners, new fusion bistros and cafes, pizza joint, and…an honest-to-goodness oyster bar!  This is an exciting time for Chinatown; come on down and be part of it!

Oyster Express is located at 296 Keefer St., (604) 684-3300.  Closed on Mondays.

Oysters of the Day, sourced from Desolation Bay

Someone else’s order, but we wished it were ours…

The current menu