What’s New | July 20th – 21st

If you had missed the last couple of opera demonstrations that have performed at the night market, do not despair. On Friday, the Yan Min Chinese Music Association will be holding a Chinese Opera Night; so come down on Friday if you are curious to what Chinese opera sounds like! On Saturday, our stage will be home to the Youth Talent Showdown Preliminaries – the acts that make it past the preliminaries will then go to the finals which will be held during the Chinatown Festival on August 11th and 12th. If you would like to support local young talent, make sure you show up on Saturday! Finally, on Sunday, The Star Sing Musical Society will be holding a Star Music Concert – all of your favourite oldies will be sung!

  • Friday, July 20th: Yan Min Chinese Opera Night
  • Saturday, July 21st: Youth Talent Showdown Preliminaries 2012
  • Sunday, July 22nd: Star Music Concert

In addition to our performances on the main stage, the Vancouver Chinese Chess Association will be holding  the Chinese Chess Arena Challenge Competition at the night market on July 21st. The Vancouver Chinese Chess Association was established in 1974 and its mandate is to promote Chinese Culture and Chinese Chess. Each year, the association and its members organize and participate in provincial, national and international chess tournaments. The Chinese Chess Arena Challenge Competition will have representatives accepting challengers in the game of Chinese Chess. If the challenger (you!) beats the representative, the challenger (you!) will win an awesome prize and bragging rights.

Do I hear challenge accepted?