Weekend Recap | July 6th – July 8th

What an awesome weekend it was wasn’t it?! I think summer has finally arrived in Vancouver!

Sammy and Mannix Performing on our Main Stage

On Friday, we had Sammy and Mannix performing some of the crowd’s favourite oldies! Some members of the audience really got into it as they started dancing!



We also had an awesome busker that performed some gravity defying tricks! Have you ever managed to balance a trunk on your head?

With the awesome weather, many of the vendors brought some of their best items out to sell!


Crowds | Bonsai and Lucky Bamboo | Shopping | Food

Summer is when many people start redecorating their homes and the night market can help you! Want to get some bonsai trees or some lucky bamboo? Or what about vases or fake flowers? Many of the stands at the night market will have what you are looking for!


Ginseng | T-shirts, Toys and Accessories

And one cannot forget about being healthy too! Head over to the Whitehead Gingseng Farm and learn about all the different types of ginseng and the health benefits for you! And if you have kids at home, head over to to our many stands that sells backpacks, wooden puzzles and t-shirts!


Plethora of Fake eyelashes

For all the beauty gurus out there, we now have a vendor selling fake eyelashes!


Crowds | Bags and Accessories | Waiting for the stage performance | Camera Lens Mug | Psychic Readings | Pillow that looks like a cushion

For the fashion bargain hunters out there, bags and scarves galore! Imagine all the possible ways to style all the items! And for those that like novelty items, how about a mug that looks exactly like camera lens? Or a pillow that that resembles an iPhone? And if you feel like getting a psychic reading done, we have that too at the night market! It’s like a one-stop shop!


Vendor Spotlight | Korean Crunchy Corndog

Our vendor spotlight for this week is Korean Crunchy Corndog!

Korean Crunchy Corndog’s Stand

Korean Crunchy Corndog brings to Vancouver a fare that has been popular amongst Korean’s street vendors for many years. The premise of these corndogs are the same as what you find in North American corndogs – a hotdog weiner covered in corndog batter, however, the Korean twist is that the corndogs are then covered in french fires before being deep-fried! After being deep-fried, you have your choice is sauce and seasoning powder!

What the Korean Corndogs look like!

If you get the chance, come and try these corndogs with a twist!

Vendor Spotlight | CyCone Sushi

Starting today, once a week, we will be doing a vendor spotlight – that is we will randomly choose a vendor at the night market and show you what they have to offer!

Our first spotlight is CyCone Sushi!

CyCone Sushi specializes in sushi, but with a twist! Instead of the usual fillings, Peking Duck and Roasted pork are used! Have a look at what they offer down below:


I have been hearing people raving about their Sushi Tower!

Drop by the night market and see their creations up close and in person!